Shelley Hennig on "Teen Wolf" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Shelley Hennig on Teen Wolf

(10:00 PM EST, MTV)

Yes, your See Her Tonight column is still excited about Teen Wolf–and mainly because we never know who’s going to appear on the show. It was abig deal to find the dead character played by Jill Wagner returning as a possible regular last week. Now we’re up for some returning weirdness involving Shelley Hennig as Malia–who’s the daughter of a werewolf, and who used to live happily as a full-time werecoyote in the wild before getting dragged back to society to hang out with a bunch of attractive young actors.
Shelley Hennig wasn’t exactly welcomed to the Teen Wolf cast when she showed up on the series. A lot of hardcore fans weren’t happy with how she shook up the romantic landscape. We’ve been shook up over Shelley for a while, though. She was a little too young for us when she won Miss Teen USA, but Shelley sure got our attention when she joined the witchy television series The Secret Circle.
She followed that up with a turn on MTV’s underseen Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, and moved on to Teen Wolf for the season that wrapped up earlier this year. We didn’t see Shelley in last week’s Teen Wolf return, but it looks like she’s a big part of tonight’s storyline. Now get ready by warming up to some Shelley pics that’ll get you howling…

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