Jhendelyn Nuñez: Chile World Cup Reporter Shows Off Her Cups [36 PICS]

World Cup reporter (and hot bikini model) Jhendelyn Nuñez became one of the weekend’s biggest World Cup stories by showing off her support for her native country–mainly, by lifting her shirt and showing off that her own World Cups were supported by a bra styled as the Chilean flag. That’s not exactly a shocking moment, either. Jhendelyn Nuñez has actually shown off her Chilean flag bras a few times. She’s raised it in the stadium, and–as seen above–in the newsroom.
As she brags on the viral video, Jhendelyn  flies the flag “in the right place,” too. We’re not going to question her enthusiasm, either. It’s not like our American sports reporters are masters of decorum. Sadly, we’re mostly talking about the male American sports reporters. At least we have gals like Lynsey Hipgrave and Erin Andrews–none of whom would go as far as Jhendelyn Nuñez (or maybe Alejandra Buitrago or Andressa Urach or Vanessa Huppenkothen) in showing their devotion. You can see the video here, but you’ll really want to to see more of Jhendelyn right here….

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