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Dumb Deputies Try To Make Pot Bust Over Nickelback Reference [VIDEO]


Nickelback Dumb Deputies Pot Bust

We’re generally respectful to law enforcement here at COED, but we’re going to jump in here with making fun of two deputies from Coeur d’Alene, Ohio–and not just because they got all excited and tried to arrest two guys because the cops mistakenly heard “nickel sack” instead of “Nickelback.” We’re mainly goofing on these two cops for thinking that “nickel sack” is some kind of common phrase, and for not knowing that even a dime bag has become an antiquated term.

Also, we admire the law-abiding citizens who posted this video for publicizing this abuse of police powers, even though the world now knows that the innocent guys were sitting around and talking about Nickelback. This video still hasn’t been seen nearly enough, so check it out and remember to always know your rights and get ready to tape your interactions with the police. No good cop will mind…

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