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Brazil Fan Goes Global With “F@#k Her Right In…” Reference [VIDEO]


Brazil Fan In The Pus$$y

Most of the world is already tired of those fake videos where news footage is altered to make it look like somebody says “F@#k her right in the pu$$y” during a live broadcast. The first one was rigged pretty well, but the second one was clearly fake, and there was even a third. (See them all here.)

We guess there’s a Brazilian futbol fan in Toronto who was just as disgusted, and decided it was time to turn the fictional into reality. That’s what happened when (pretty hot) CityNews reporter Natalie Duddridge hit the streets of Toronto to talk with Colombia and Brazil fans who were out celebrating their World Cup wins. The guy above decided that it was finally time for a totally legit “F@#k her right in the pu$$y” moment–and we’ll add that Duddridge handled the moment nicely.

And in a classic example of censorship, CityNews has deleted this honest moment from their official broadcast record–but it really, really happened…

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