The Top 40 Sexiest Instagram Pics of the Week [June 23rd—28th]

As we head into a new week, we’re not in such a hurry to say goodbye to some of the more intimate Instagram pics from the past seven days–especially with ladies like Sheridyn Fisher (above) baring their bods in bikinis. We’re deep into summer now, and we had plenty of daily distractions from swimwear models like Rachel Barnes, Khloë Terae, Gabriella Lenzi, Francesca Aiello, Carly Lauren, and more.
But this past week wasn’t just about bikini’d babes. We also had dazzling displays of denim from dames like Becca Gunther and Ashlyn Coray. Women like Juliana Proven, Tiffany Cook Anne, Marie Kortright, and Sarai Rollins hit us hard with some sporty poses, while Valeria Orsini, Tawny Swain, and Sarai Rollins (again!) helped to prove that the selfie is as appealing as ever.
Kathryn Tessa and Kelsey White each popped up in pics that proved a frontal view can be overrated–and those are still just a few of the Hot 40 pics that made last week worth living. Check them out now and feel the momentum that’ll get you soaring into a new week of total babedom…

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SyFy Saturday: Melissa Cordero Lures Us Into "Snakehead Swamp" [PICS]
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