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Natalie Gal on “The Leftovers” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Natalie Gal on The Leftovers

(10:00 PM EST, HBO)

First we had Jessica Gomes sneaking into Transformers: Age of Extinction, and now your See Her Tonight column catches Natalie Gal in a very small role in the new HBO series The Leftovers–although we’re hoping she’ll hang around enough to be a vital plot point. [photo via…]

Natalie Gal has already had us hanging on to her as a Gal to rival Gal Gadot as a favorite…um, gal. Like most people, we first met Natalie on America’s Next Top Model, but she was soon on the top of our gals to watch out for in our living rooms. She was soon showing up on in episodes of Gossip Girl, White Collar, CSI: NY, and more. Then we began to catch her on the big screen in small roles for films like Salt and Fast Five.

Natalie disappeared for a while, but we couldn’t miss her quick turn with Amber Heard in the quirky indie Syrup–and now here she is on HBO, where she’ll hopefully be rediscovered in the new drama about small-town life in the aftermath of The Rapture (or something). We’re happy to see Natalie getting left over, and you’ll agree after checking out these pics that’ll get you feeling rapturous…

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