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Lana Del Rey’s Unspectacular “Ultraviolence” At Glastonbury [VIDEO]


Lana Del Rey Glastonbury

She started her career with an underwhelming live debut on SNL in 2012, but Lana Del Rey managed to win over the skeptics and establish herself as a performing artist. Some would say that it helped that she isn’t hard to look at.

Today, however, she’s back to trying to win over everybody after being singled out for a poor performance in the UK’s Glastonbury Music Festival. Judge for yourself with this video of her performing the title track of her new Ultraviolence album. Her vocals are incredibly flat–and she knows it, so what does she do? She unleashes prerecorded vocals to help compensate for the fact that she’s just not a good live performer.

It’s tough to watch, particularly as she just sort of crosses her arms and sways about. She also was seen smoking onstage during her set, which can’t be good for her voice. Is it time for her to hang up live performing? Who knows, but it’s definitely not helping her at this point in time, and honestly, she doesn’t really seem to enjoy it either. It’s up to her, but I think it might help her career at this point. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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