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Catalina Otalvaro (& Friend): Why Colombia Won At The World Cup [PICS]


Instagram pics don’t get much more inspiring than this amazing shot from Colombian beauty Catalina Otalvaro–who posed with fellow model Camila Barrenche to show off their support for Colombia in yesterday’s World Cup game. And guess who won? Colombia did, beating Uruguay 2-0 to advance on to the quarter-finals.

We’re not exactly sure what time Catalina and Camila posted their pic, but we’re thinking that the men of the Colombia team were checking their favorite Twitter feeds and suddenly caught a different kind of World Cup Fever. We can’t blame them for suddenly deciding that futbol was suddenly no mere game Camila Barrenche is no mere model–and you’ll agree after you check out these additional pics of the Colombian beauty showing off lingerie for the fine Besame line….

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