Woman Who Won The Week: Alex Reid

She didn’t make any headlines this week, but Alex Reid is hot enough to hold onto the boyfriend who had an amazing past few days. That would be Andrew Wiggins, a former University of Kansas superstar who was named 2013’s Mr. Basketball USA. He scored this week as the #1 NBA draft prospect, and landed with the¬†Cleveland Cavaliers for what should be a very lucrative contract. Also, he has a girlfriend who looks like she could be Miss Basketball USA, or any other pageant title that caught her eye. [photo via…]

Alex Reid, however, is out to catch your eye as a singer/songwriter. You can decide for yourself what you think of her pop tunes.¬†We still have a really good feeling about her sexy selfies and other provocative packaging. This petite beauty doesn’t let height differences keep her from being a serious basketball fan, and we’re curious to see how things go with Andrew Wiggins’ love life as he starts a big career in a secondary market.

Well, at least as far as the pop music biz goes–although we’d never neglect Cleveland’s proud musical heritage, which includes The Raspberries and… Well, let’s concentrate on Alex Reid right now. No matter what we think of her music, we don’t have anything against this gal getting a higher profile…

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