SyFy Saturday: Melissa Cordero Lures Us Into “Snakehead Swamp” [PICS]

Melissa Cordero 22

The name may not ring a bell, but it’s hard to forget a face as beautiful as Melissa Cordero’s. Melissa has yet to shatter the glass ceiling of her career yet, but she has been in┬áthe hit film 21 Jump Street, as well as the recent film Ghost of Goodnight Lane with that coolest of cool dudes, Billy Zane.

This weekend, she joins the ranks of Kaitlyn Leeb, Dominika Juillet, and Cassie Scerbo as the latest SyFy girl, thanks to her role in Snakehead Swamp. The film’s log line is “The Big Easy gets a shake up when snakehead fish terrorize Louisiana swamp land.” You know what? It’s more plausible than Sharknado, that’s for sure.

Melissa isn’t the lead, but she’s cast high enough that she should survive for a while. We think. Remember that Syfy movies require a new death within a set time in the script, so cast members can go pretty fast. Having said all that, we’re rooting for Melissa. Hopefully she makes it to the second hour at least. Hell, if she makes it past the first commercial break we’ll be happy. Hopefully this will open the door for bigger and better projects, or at least ones with bigger and better monsters.

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