Even We Have To Admit This Groomsmen Dance Is Pretty Damn Cool [VIDEO]

Groomsmen Dance

I don’t know how many weddings you’ve had to stand up in, but the most that’s ever been expected of me in any of the ones I’ve done is a rather interminable photo session. This guy, however, just upped the ante for grooms everywhere with this choreographed dance with all 7 of his groomsmen.

This began as a phenomenon amongst women, and after seeing it posted on Facebook and everywhere else, I finally caved and decided to watch it, and I have to say I’m impressed. This required a lot of work and dedication from these guys, and don’t think they didn’t know that this was pretty much guaranteed to get them laid after the wedding. Why else would they have done it?

It is surprising how much the groom is into it. It makes me wonder if he’s watched Magic Mike a few too many times. Hey, he’s got a future in it if that’s what he would like, so more power to him. Would you do this if your friend asked you to? Before you answer that, allow me to remind you of the insane amounts of play these guys, at least the single ones, have gotten as a result of this dance, especially now that it’s been viewed over 3 million times. I think it’d be hard to say no.

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