Celebrate Gay Pride With The Sexiest Bisexual Celebrities [PHOTOS]


June is Gay Pride Month, but this is also Gay Pride Week in New York City–which means that it’s pretty much Gay Pride Weekend everywhere in the eyes of the national media. That’s okay with us. We have a big tent here at COED. We’ll admit, however, that our tent is especially big when it comes to the topic of Bisexual Pride. We’re especially proud of the lovely ladies who’ve dared to come out as bisexual while enjoying their careers as sex bombs.

So enjoy this lovely layout of gals who we might have a shot with, but who might also care to seduce away our girlfriends. That’s a risk that we’re willing to take. Enjoy the likes of  Megan Fox, Evan Rachel Wood , Azealia Banks, Amber Heard, and more–plus Lindsay LohanNicki Minaj, and Amber Rose. You won’t find Ellen Page, though. We believe her when she says that she’s lesbian, so that’s why you’ll find her among our list of celebrity gals who are strictly girl/girl.

And we should note that this list actually has more than just 30 celebrities. We’ve had to keep up with the times. That includes Ireland Baldwin recently hooking up with rapper Angel Haze, plus Cara Delevigne romancing Michelle Rodriguez and (allegedly) Suki Waterhouse. Yeah, it’s hard to keep track of all this rampant bisexuality–but we’re proud to keep trying…

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