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Natalija Ugrina on “Rake” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Natalija Ugrina on Rake

(9:00 PM EST, FOX)

The start of summer can be a slow time for the See Her Tonight column, but there are also pleasant surprises like the FOX network burning off their unaired episodes of the quickly-canceled Rake–which means we get a chance to see Natalija Ugrina popping up in our living rooms in another unforgettable small role.

Rake actually kept us pretty busy with gals like London Elise Moore and Susie Abromeit. Natalija Ugrina fits right in with that bevy of beauties, just like she was a natural as one of the unattainable L.A. gals on the Stephen Merchant HBO sitcom Hello, Ladies. She’s a typically gorgeous Croatian model (and we love lots of Croatian models), and always stands out on the small screen at a striking 6′ tall. Well, that’s at least 6′ tall. Sadly, we’ve never gotten close enough to Natalija to confirm any of her measurements.

We are close enough to have been one of the earliest followers on Natalija’s Twitter account. Natalija’s taking off, too, although she can always fall back on her Master’s Degree in International Economics from University Sapienza of Rome. That’s becoming increasingly unlikely, though. She has a recurring role on the new TNT drama Murder in the First, and will make it to the multiplexes in the upcoming Mark Wahlberg drama The Gambler.

Natalija’s just playing a masseuse in that one, but we’re sure that she’ll still stand out–just like she will on Rake tonight. Now warm up for that with these outstanding pics…

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