"ESPN: The Body Issue 2014" Sneak Preview Screenshots [PICS + VIDEO]

The sports world is abuzz over the upcoming 2014 “The Body” issue of ESPN magazine–and so are plenty of guys who aren’t into sports, but are really into amazing gals showing off their sporty bods. ESPN has put together a stellar collection of naked athletes this year, too.

We’ve already taken a look at Venus Williams posing for this year’s issue. Now we have ESPN teasing even more duties with the release of a new video. We’ve pulled the hottest still from the likes of soccer star Megan Rapinoe and surfer Coco Ho. There’s also snowboarder Jamie Anderson, ice hockey player Hilary Knight, and Ginger Huber showing off her skills at naked cliff diving. Danyelle Wolf does some foxy boxing, while Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy shows off a fine form.

And don’t miss out on bobsledder Aja Evans, either. The pics are below, and then check out the video that’ll get you cheering…

Natalija Ugrina on "Rake" [SEE HER TONIGHT]
Natalija Ugrina on "Rake" [SEE HER TONIGHT]
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