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Will Ferrell Will “Bite Every German Player” In Order To Win [VIDEO]


Will Ferrell

There hasn’t been this much excitement about soccer in America…well, ever. However, fans from every corner of this kick-ass country are coming out of the wood works in support of our team. And on the cusp of a very important match for the Red, White, and Blue, a massive pep rally was thrown last night in Recife, Brazil in anticipation of the game today against Germany.

Fans may of been expecting an abundance of beer, cheering, and just plain insanity, but they most likely weren’t expecting a guest appearance by the Anchorman himself, Will Ferrell.

The mega-movie star was revealed by “Teddy Goalsevelt” as the USA’s replacement for injured standout, Jozy Altidore. Following the introduction, Ferrell went on to give a hilarious pep-talk to fans, at one point even proclaiming that he would, “Bite every German in order to claim victory for the USA” a la Luis Suarez.

Ferrell’s speech naturally made the fans go bat-shit with excitement, and luckily it was all captured for us to enjoy.

  • COED Writer