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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Thursday, June 26th


It’s a rainy day here at the COED offices today, so we’re thinking it might be one of the very last days that could count as sweater weather–and here’s Julia Lescova brightening up our Instagram feed in a bright pink number. But don’t worry if you’re having a sunnier day at the office. It seems that plenty of our favorite Instagram gals are still getting to enjoy bikini weather. That means that you’ll get to enjoy Derryn Lester, Sara Rollins, and Allie Leggett/

We’re not sure what Anne Marie Kortright is wearing. We’ve never seen a bikini that came with evening gloves before. We’re not complaining, though–and we’re okay with Savanna Heleven sporting some kind of flashy new swimwear that’s kind of like a bikini. You know what’s missing from Jonna Andrews and Melanie Ribbe’s bikinis? Their heads. We’re not complaining about that, either. Their pics still speak plenty to us.

And it looks like Sahara Ray and Jasmine Waltz and Kayslee Collins completely lost their bikini tops! Well, that’s unfortunate. Maybe you can help find them if you look over all these pictures very carefully. At the very least, you’re going to find yourself coasting a lot more pleasantly into a Friday…

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