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The Nipple Must Be Freed on Instagram [45 PHOTOS]



We’re always proud defenders of freedom here at COED, and nothing has us agitated more than knowing that our Instagram feed is censored each day–specifically, because Instagram does not allow ladies to #FreeTheNipple and show off their bare breasts.

And how does Instagram define being bare-breasted? Well, the answer is right there in the #FreeTheNipple hashmark. Rihanna is just one of the ladies who recently learned that Instagram will delete their accounts if there is a single exposed nipple. Instagram likes two exposed nipples even less. This has us really upset because we hate self-censorship, and especially when it’s from ladies self-censoring themselves by covering up their breasts.

Fortunately, women are waging a war on Instagram. We’ve already celebrated Scout Willis and English actress Caitlin Stasey for proudly declaring herself part of the #FreeTheNipple movement. There’s also the new Tata Top, which is a bra that comes with nipples already drawn on the bra material. Hey, that gives us an idea for a Miss COED Photo Challenge–which we’ll work on while you check out these Instagram pics that are part of the Instagram #FreeTheNipple movement. We think that you’ll find them to be very inspiring….

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