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The Most Ratchet Fans Rooting For The USA In The 2014 World Cup [PHOTOS]


Attempting to make Uncle Sam proud in the most drunk and obnoxious way imaginable, many American’s are kicking the ratchet up a notch this year at the FIFA World Cup. Now that America is somewhat being taken seriously on the world stage of soccer, more American fans than ever before have made their way down to this monumental event.

For every outstanding and model fan we have reppin’ the good ole USA, we have another one that makes us both laugh and cringe with embarrassment. However, despite both the noble and the ratchet, there’s one thing people can’t deny about our fans, and that’s that they are quite possibly the most eccentric bunch in the world!

So we say f*ck it to the critics and raise our American flag shot glass to all of our patriotic peers who are celebrating down in South America!

  • COED Writer