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Nad Bilzerian Is The Dan Balzerian Parody Account The World Needs [PHOTOS]


Dan Balzerian and his outlandishly bro antics have really taken the internet by storm recently. Among a host of other things, this is the man who’s known for throwing Penthouse Pets off his roof, shooting dope guns, or playing high-stakes poker. But it’s not until someone made a parody account (@NadBilzerian) that Dan could officially count himself famous.

Nad is Dan Balzerian of the everyman. He doesn’t own any AK-47s with night vision scopes and shell catchers, he’s got a dope arsenal of nerf guns and super soakers (to get the b*tches wet). Dan goes on vacation to Ibiza, Nad goes to Morocco and bets on camels.

That’s the schtick–but it’s pretty good. Even Dan’s following Nad. Here are our favorite photos from his Instagram account so far. It’s pretty new (18K followers in less than a day) so make sure to follow him ASAP.

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