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Miss COED Superfans Go Head To Head For Germany/USA Game [PHOTOS]


The final “Group of Death” game between the US and Germany has got all the makings of an exciting World Cup game. Don’t for one second think that just because a draw puts both teams through to the Elimination Rounds these teams are going to play nice–each team and their fans are hoping for a win.

Some of our favorite Miss COEDs got together with playVS–a free gaming app where players compete to win prizes–to heat this rivalry up and pick sides for the big match. You might be surprised to see where they stand.

Speaking of competition, fantastic soccer, and Miss COEDs, many of you will be excited to learn that if you download playVS now, you’ll be automatically entered to win a free trip to NYC to see Manchester City play Liverpool on July 30th as part of the Guinness International Champions Cup. You and a lucky friend will also be partying with a few Miss COEDs before the game. Hot models, The Big Apple, and a fantastic opportunity to watch two of European soccer’s biggest rivals face off here in the United States.

Download playVS on iOS here now

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