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37 Sex Bombs Celebrating National Bomb Pop Day [PICS]


The last Thursday of every June is National Bomb Pop Day–honoring the all-American frozen treat that’s shaped like…um, a rocket draped in red, white and blue. It’s also a very big National Bomb Pop Day for the Blue Bunny Ice Cream empire. That’s the company behind the classic Bomb Pop, and they’ve been enjoying a really busy past few weeks. Courtesy of the World Cup, strangely enough.

A lot of people have noticed that the US National Team at this year’s World Cup are dressed up in uniforms that resemble a Bomb Pop. We won’t argue with that. We also don’t think that anyone will argue with another big appeal to the Bomb Pop–which is that the Bomb Pop looks especially enticing when being enjoyed by patriotic gals.

So as the Bomb Pop-adorned US team gets ready to take on the Germans in Brazil, let’s also take a moment to look at the more beautiful side of our country’s Bomb Pop obsession. Check out these fantastic photos of assorted American women (including a certain supermodel) posing with Bomb Pops and heating us up. These pics will get you cheering, too…

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