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Queen Elsa Wannabe Anna Faith Gets Un-“Frozen” In A Bikini [22 PICS]


Anna Faith Bikini Queen Elsa

She’s 18 years old, and Anna Faith (born unto this world as Anna Faith Carlson) is still really determined to become Queen Elsa of Frosted fame. Well, Anna Faith is already beloved as Queen Elsa by plenty of kids in hospitals, as the beautiful blonde often stops by to cheer up the children. But it looks like Anna is also ready to prove she’s ready to be Queen Elsa in more adult fare. That’s how she ended up baring her very human bod on the beach in a bikini. [photo via…]

We’re thinking this is Anna Faith’s bid to show the ABC network that she’s willing to move on to more adult fare–especially since their Once Upon A Time show has already previewed that Queen Elsa would become a regular character in the new season. We don’t know who the producers are looking at casting, but we’re thinking that Anna has sure given them something to look at with these sunny pics….

Once Upon A Time sure isn’t above having proper sex symbols on the show–including fantasy girls like Rebecca Mader, Rose McGowan, and Sharon Taylor. We’re willing to believe that Anna at least has a shot–and you’ll be ready to have her in your living room once you check out these other amazing pics of the Daytona Beach beauty…

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