Layla El: The WWE Diva Turns 37 With Her 37 Sexiest Pics [PHOTOS]

It’s always a big day for us when we get to celebrate a WWE Diva–and Layla El has a lot to celebrate as she turns 37 years old as one of the wrestling franchise’s most popular girls. That’s really old by WWE standards, but this Brit bombshell looks to just be taking off as a major draw who’s fueling lots of adolescent fantasies. Grown-ups are pretty entranced by her, too,
Layla is doing particularly well as a late bloomer–or at least compared to other WWE faves like KaitlynEva Marie, PaigeMichelle McCoolLaylaCameronTrish Stratus, and The Bella Twins. She was almost into her thirties when Layla entered the WWE Diva Search. There’s still a lot of speculation that the WWE might have kind of rigged the outcome of that year’s competition to appease all of Layla’s instant fans. We think the WWE might be capable of that kind of thing.
Anyway, Layla was originally a London native who landed on American shores after coming into dock as a dancer on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship. She found herself in Florida, and Layla quickly went to work as a dancer for the Miami Heat in 2004. That high-profile gig landed her slots on tours for major musical acts like Kanye West and P. Diddy. Then she hit up the WWE, and has been hitting hard in the ring ever since. Layla is in a lot better shape (career-wise) than a lot of other WWE women as they head toward their forties. Now check out all of these pics to see what kind of shape Layla is in physically–and we think that you’ll find her to be very fit….

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