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Izabel Goulart Bares Bikini Bod on Ibiza For Totally Free [PICS]


So what does a sexy bikini model like Izabela Goulart do in her spare time? You won’t believe this, but she starts lounging around in a bikini on a beach on Ibiza for totally free! That’s pretty surprising. If we were in demand like Izabel Goulart, we’d spend all of our spare time sitting on a couch in a darkened room while illegally downloading Asian action movies. Which really is what we do, but we’d expect to get paid for going outside if we were Izabel Goulart. [photo via…]

The sexy Victoria’s Secret model┬ásure looks comfortable with making a public display of herself, too. We’ve enjoyed ogling Izabel in candid moments like backstage at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but it’s a lot more fun to see Izabel exposing herself on a beach. A public beach, even, and we’d like to salute the guys who didn’t freak out when Izabel hit the sand.

Well, we’re not too happy with that one guy who seems to actually be at the beach with Izabel— but we suppose that Izabel knew we were too busy to drop everything and run off to Ibiza. Take a look at these pics, though, and you might be dropping your pants jaw…

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