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Gillette BODY Razor Spot: 100 Years Of Styling In 60 Seconds [VIDEO]


Gillette BODY Razor Commercial

Yeah, it’s a commercial–but this video for the new Gillette BODY Razor is also a fun look at 100 years of hair (facial hair, yeah) with lots of CGI madness. You’ve seen celebs doing computer-generated styling for Gillette before, but this new spot throws in a lot of changing fashions to go with that changing facial hair. Gillette had to take on a real challenge for this, too. Check out when the Fu Manchu mustache kicks in at the mid-70s point, and decide how much debate went into bringing that back towards the end of the spot. You can’t go wrong rocking a Fu Manchu in NYC right now.

There’s also kind of a shocking ending to the video. We’d add a SPOILER warning, but we’ve already told you that this is an ad for the Gillette BODY Razor. That means that you’re now looking at a razor specifically made for manscaping–which is where this fun video ultimately takes you. Some guys have to work up the nerve for that kind of thing, but we’re guessing that’s why the Gillette BODY Razor exists. You’re less likely to face a lot of the scary things that guys dread with manscaping, and you don’t have to use a pink razor, either. Check out this 100 Years of Hair to appreciate how that’s a really new development…

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