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Every Keg Party Should Have This Electric Beer Pong Table [VIDEO]



Lighted Beer Pong Table

We’ve seen a lot of custom designed Beer Pong tables over the years–but we’ve found a Beer Pong table with programmable lighting and interactive features that pretty much blows every other beer pong table out of the water.

This table is the rave version of the classic Beer Pong game. It has lights coming out of every conceivable area and responds to movement and touch during the course of the game. The most striking feature of the table is the row of lights on the main playing field that do more than just light up all at once. They can be programmed to display special messages, perform special animations, and even respond to dunked cups as they are removed from the table. There are also lights under the cups that change color when they are removed to help make victory feel all the sweeter. It even has a special ball cleaner filled with water that transfers your ping pong ball from one side of the table to the other. It’s even more impressive to watch when in action…

This is how Beer Pong would look if it were part of the games in the Tron world (assuming that programs can get drunk just like their user counterparts). The best part is that you can build it yourself by following the steps on Instructables. That’s assuming that you have the engineering know-how to build such a thing. If you have the skillz, then do humanity a favor and build one so we can all enjoy such beauty.

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