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Brooke Nevin on “Motive” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Brooke Nevin on Motive

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

It’s another Wednesday night where your See Her Tonight has a good motive to watch Motive–with the psych-heavy crime drama featuring Brooke Nevin, who we’re sure hoping is playing the titular “Bad Blonde” of tonight’s episode.

Of course, we tuned in fast last week to see Alexis Fast on the show, but we’ll fill you in on Motive‘s motive if you missed that moment. The big idea is that we’re following psychiatric detectives who know whodunit, but don’t know why the murderer done done it. Tonight has Brook Nevin as the murdering lead character, but we’re thinking that Motive might be departing from its formula with this episode. It might be that Heather’s character is still disposing of the body, and….

Well, let’s concentrate on Brook’s body of work right now. A lot of kids had a crush on the Canadian when she first appeared as Rachel Berenson on the kiddie sci-fi show Animorphs. Brook then grew up into a hot young lady who–like many Canadian starlets–kept doing lots of great genre work. That included a turn on the grown-up sci-fi series The 4400, along with a great role on Supernatural where she was a tortured teen caught in an old asylum.

Brooke got into American movie theaters as a high-school sex bomb in the 2007 sports parody The Comebacks. Then she landed a recurring role on the (Canadian) hit Jason Preistley series Called Me Fitz, and has also stayed busy with guest spots like tonight’s turn on Motive. America still needs to catch up with Brook, though, and these pics will prove that you have motive to get her in your living room tonight…

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