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BBC News Staffer Sends Out “Game of Thrones” No-Nudity Alert [PICS]


Smartphone users got a some weird news from their breaking news alerts from the BBC today–as some fumbling staffer managed to (twice) issue an alert that there was “no nudity in latest episode of Game of Thrones.”

We don’t have a problem with major news organizations covering nudity on Game of Thrones. It still seems highly likely that the BBC isn’t going to be breaking that kind of news. Besides, the last episode of this year’s Game of Thrones aired last week. And, sure enough, it only took 15 minutes before the BBC newsfeed was apologizing for a “test” post that was sent out accidentally.

Maybe they should have kept their mouth shut. As you can see, the Game of Thrones gag was added to a story from last month about the New York Police Department having a Twitter hashtag “hijacked” for use by activists. Some people thought the text was referring to the BBC’s own account being hijacked.

Anyway, we’re sure everything’s going much better for the BBC News Twitter account this morning. Let’s see what’s going on over there…

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