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Luis Suarez Definitely Just Bit Someone For The Third Time


Suarez Bite

Luis Suarez just played his last World Cup game this tournament after biting Giorgio Chiellini during the Uruguay v Italy World Cup 2014 Group Stage match today. Of course, that hasn’t been formally announced yet, but let’s look at the tape.

Suarez clearly dug his face into the back of Chiellini’s jersey. You cannot argue that. It also looks like Chiellini’s jersey folds a bit after the contact. Now let’s look at the skin. This is what Chiellini was trying to show the referee.


Those are bite marks clearly.

This is now the third time that Luis Suarez has been caught biting opponents. Comical? Absolutely. But also a clear showing that Luis Suarez is incapable of determining what is Italian food and what are Italian people.

Adios Suarez. I was a fan of your hand ball antics last World Cup but I can’t defend you anymore. You’re an animal.


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