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BoobShot BodyShots [26 PHOTOS]


BoobShot BodyShots

Ready to get your drink on this summer? So are we–especially when we can get our drink on while our drink is on a hot lady’s boobies. In fact, we think that every cocktail recipe should end with, “…and serve in copious cleavage of nearby hottie.” That might lead to a drinking problem, but only in the sense that we’d have a problem because we couldn’t afford to keep downing down booze every night.

Anyway, here are plentiful pics of lucky guys (and gals) who have no problem drinking down adult beverages as served up by bountiful breasts. It’s kind of impressive how much energy that’s being saved here in the cleaning of bar trays. Obviously, serving up boob shot body shots is the morally right thing to do in these troubled times.

We’re sure feeling green (with envy) over all of these lucky guys (and gals, right?) who are doubling their enjoyment of alcohol. Usually with drinks that look to be served up with double-D’s, although you’ll find all kinds of beautiful bartenders and wonderful waitresses serving up the goods here. We think there are even some regular gals serving up shots for their boyfriends (and girlfriends, we hope)–so check out these shots that we’re serving up…

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