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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Monday, June 23rd


It’s the first Monday of summer, and the ladies are lining up on Instagram in all kinds of beach wear–but we’re kind of distracted by Julia Lescova in lingerie. Yeah. This kind of picture makes us think that it wouldn’t be so bad to stay indoors. And we’d also like to note that our Instagram feed for the day also has Chelsea Franz looking really comfortable while lounging around in her own lingerie, too.

But we also have lots of beauties on the beach–with Natalie Melissa posting one of the finest point-of-boob pics that we’ve ever seen. Loren Kemp also makes a great contribution, and the only problem with it is that Loren’s taking the pic while sunning herself in New York City before leaving town. Mercedes Terrell looks ready to ditch the beach for an underwater adventure, and we don’t have any problem with a tight scuba suit. Carly Lauren still manages to show plenty of skin while rocking a bikini.

You’ll also want to catch Paulina Shafir sunning herself in a more citified style. And those are just a few of the 20 sexiest ladies who’ve shown up on Instagram today, for what would make a great Monday at any time of the year…

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