Sophie Monk's 30 Hottest GIFs

It’s a big day for awesome Aussie radio personality Sophie Monk, as she’s being declared the Queen of Twerking after getting down with interview subject Miley Cyrus. That’s really just Sophie Monk showing off her many talents, though. She started out as a reality-show contestant called Popstars, where she ended up as a member of the hit Australian act Bardot. They started out the century as a big deal, and then had the average life expectancy of similar bands.

Sophie’s star power still landed her a solo deal, and then she came to America to seek out some film stardom. She was easily the best thing about the romantic-comedy spoof Date Movie, despite taking second-billing to Alyson Hannigan. She followed that up with an Entourage appearance and a role in Adam Sandler’s Click, and we can’t really explain why Hollywood couldn’t do more with her.

Nothing could stop Sophie from becoming an international sex symbol, though. She didn’t let some crappy movies keep her from working as a top model. She’s now marking over 10 years of showing up on Hottest Women polls from the likes of Maxim, FHM, and more. We’re not sure how that explains how Sophie has found new fame as a morning radio host in Australia. She must have a really great personality.

And, of course, Sophie has given us plenty of vital moments on video. They’re the kind of moments, in fact, that must be immortalized in GIF form–and you’re going to be thrilled while checking out these top 30 GIFS of Sophie’s own fine form..

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