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Selma Blair is 41(!), And We Celebrate With Her 30 Sexiest Shots [PICS]


Hard to believe that Selma Blair is turning 41 years old today–that being June 23, 2014–since she’s pretty much immortalized as a horny teen trying out a Sapphic kiss in 1999’s Cruel Intentions. That sizzling scene with Sarah Michelle Geller instantly launched Selma Blair into some serious stardom–although she’s ended up with a really offbeat career.

Selma followed up Cruel Intentions with a television role in a lame Friends knockoff called Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane–which eventually tried to cash in on Selma’s star power by just becoming Zoe, but that still couldn’t save the show. Selma then tried to recover with an appearance in the controversial indie Storytelling, followed by another stab at becoming a rising star as Reese Witherspoon’s support in Legally Blonde. Then she appeared with Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate in the clunker chick comedy The Sweetest Thing, followed by the equally-disastrous A Guy Thing.

Selma landed back in the big-time (kind of) with Hellboy, though, and then had a lot of fun in giant prosthetic breasts in John Waters’ A Dirty Shame. That was followed by the short-lived Kath & Kim sitcom and another lesbianic turn in 2011’s The Family Tree–before Selma joined up with Charlie Sheen in Anger Management. Everyone was reminded that Charlie Sheen is nuts after he chased Selma off the show.

We’re still chasing Selma, though, and looking back at her career with a great mix of hot pics and sexy film stills. Check her out and get reminded how she’s managed to still keep working as this century’s stealthiest sex symbol…

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