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Robin Thicke’s “Get Her Back” Video Could Be A Lot Sexier [VIDEO]


Robin Thicke Get Her Back Video

Remember when Robin Thicke was enjoying a big hit single with “Blurred Lines” while cavorting around with Emily Ratajkowski and Elle Evans? Yeah, that was fun. We guess it was less fun when Robin Thicke’s wife left him–especially since Robin’s wife is Paula Patton, and, hoo boy, she’s really sexy.

So now we get the upcoming Paula album, with Robin Thicke trying to win back his wife by lots of…well, sappy songs, if the new video for “Get Her Back” is any indication. Yeah, there’s a hot model in there, but nobody’s exactly having a party here. Robin Thicke is just moaning about having to get his girl back, while creepy text messages appear. Women everywhere are hoping that those aren’t real text messages from the couple’s private conversations. That would be a big mistake.

Anyway, here’s Robin being all whiney. We can’t goof too much on the guy, though. No Paula Patton, and not even Emily Ratajkowski or Elle Evans

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