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Lauren Hanley Joins The Ranks of Kate Upton and Emily Ratajkowski [PHOTOS]


Lauren Lead

Lauren Hanley joined the ranks of Kate Upton, Sara Jean Underwood, and Emily Ratajkowski today. Yes, all three ladies fantastically large chests, but we’re talking about something a little more professional here.

Your Miss COED of the Year 2014 just posted this photo of her biting into a Carl’s Junior/Hardees burger onto her Instagram (@laurenvictoriahanley). Considering that both Hardees and Carls Jr published the same photo on their Instagram accounts, you don’t have to be a detective to deduce that Lauren is now officially a Carl’s Junior/Hardees spokesmodel! When you take into account the caliber of women who’ve held that title (somewhat complete list here) you can’t help but feel happy for the sexy Florida native. Hopefully she’ll take us out for some free burgers next time we see her.

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