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Jill Wagner on “Teen Wolf” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Jill Wagner on Teen Wolf

(9:00 PM EST, MTV)

Jill Wagner is on Teen Wolf tonight, and–wait, maybe your See Her Tonight column should’ve said SPOILER right there. After all, a lot of Teen Wolf fans know that werewolf huntress Kate Argent was dead. Even though Jill Wagner briefly returned as a spirit in the big finale last season, we can’t remember if anyone expected to keep seeing the character. In our defense, though, Jill Wagner has been pretty comfortable with talking about Teen Wolf a lot lately, so at least her own fans had an idea that she was about to return to the show. [photo via…]

Anyway, that’s a great start to the show’s fourth season tonight–which should have all of the characters trying to recover from last season’s surprise death of Crystal Reed as Allison Argent. It was a shame to lose that Teen Wolf sex symbol, but we’re very happy to see Allison’s aunt back, if only in spirit. By which we mean it’s Jill Wagner playing a spirit now, or at least that’s what we’re expecting.

It’s a typically bizarre twist for Jill Wagner, who first took off as a sex symbol while helping Ashton Kutcher trick celebrities on Punk’d. Then she won over new fans while doing car commercials for the Mercury brand before moving on to host ABC’s Wipeout shows in an assortment of sexy outfits. Jill was also staying busy as an actress, and had some sexy moments on Blade: The Series, plus plenty of guest spots. Teen Wolf was her steadiest role, though, and we’re eager to see more of Jill in whatever form she takes. For now, though, let’s check out a few forms that we love best…

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