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E-Joints Are a Real Thing Now [VIDEO]



The e-cigarette industry allows nicotine slaves to get their fix without dirty smoke entering their lungs. Now there’s a new electronic marijuana joint that hopes to do the same for potheads.

The E-Njoint comes courtesy of the Netherlands, and it’s the first electronic smoking device designed for marijuana smoking. E-Njoint BV announced that their new smokeable, smoke-free product comes with 10,000 different flavored strains and everyone of them is 100 percent legal to enjoy. They contain no THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that turns you into a giggling, hungry mess. They also don’t contain any nicotine or tobacco, which makes them non-habit forming.

So that means we have a real world version of the Chappelle’s Show pitch for O’Dweed’s….

Of course, a THC-free e-joint must not have a big draw in Holland where marijuana laws are loosely enforced and people can buy and toke up without fear of fines or incarceration. Plus, some tokers might be wondering the point of smoking marijuana that doesn’t get you high. Well, potheads, you’ll be pleased to learn that E-Njoint BV is working on an electronic-doobie that produces a not-so-electronic high. The company also announced that they are working with a medical marijuana company to develop a line of e-joints with real marijuana strains that can be used in places where medical marijuana or recreation marijuana use is legal. Does this mean we’ll also have electronic-munchies someday?

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