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It’s Onion Ring Day! Celebrate With Some Of The Best Onion Ring Recipes



No one knows from where they came, and frankly, no one cares. Onion rings are amongst the greatest culinary inventions in the history of mankind.

Onion rings are all over our culture, whether it’s the last meal of Tony Soprano, or Homer Simpson’s first engagement ring for Marge , the onion ring has seeped its way into our greasy little hearts. Everyone can enjoy them from the most fervent carnivores, to vegetarians and even, depending upon the recipe, vegans. It’s the great equalizer of the food world.

They can also be made in countless ways, with any breed of onion and a seemingly limitless variety of batters. Below are some of our favorite recipes we’ve found…

Arrogant Bastard Ale Onion Rings: For lovers of a good stout-hearted side dish.

Maple Beer-Battered Apple & Onion Rings: For those who love a savory blend of sweet and salty.

Sriracha Bacon Onion Rings: For anyone who can’t get enough bacon in their life.

Beer Battered Mesquite Onion Rings: If you want a smoky, boozy flavor.

Fried Vidalia Onion Rings: An old standby for summer.

Crispy Baked BBQ Onion Rings: For those who don’t like to deep fry

Sonic Onion Ring Knock-off: For those who love Sonic’s onion rings, but don’t live near one.



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