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Tanit Phoenix on “Femme Fatales” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Tanit Phoenix on Femme Fatales

(12:30 AM EST, Cinemax)

The humble See Her Tonight column usually spends Fridays going over WWE SmackDown Divas or luscious ladies on the Syfy drama slate–but we’re going to indulge ourselves with a personal favorite tonight. Actually, we’ll admit that we only discovered Cinemax is repeating Femme Fatales because of an alert that we had built in for Angus Scrimm. You know, the Tall Man from the Phantasm films. Anyway, that’s how we discovered that Cinemax has gone back to its Skinemax heritage by showing this erotic anthology series from a few years ago. [photo via…]

And it doesn’t matter what episode of Femme Fatales is airing, because you always get Tanit Phoenix hosting the show as the lethally luscious Lilith–who sports an outfit that puts new meaning to a bullet bra. (And not in that Sofia Vergara/Machete Kills! style, either.) We’ve been wanting to write about Tanit Phoenix for a while, too, since she was easily the best thing about the two direct-to-video sequels for the Death Race reboot. She also stood out in the bizarre 2012 zombie western Gallowwalkers, which was supposed to be Wesley Snipes’ comeback film and barely got a release.

So it’s good to see Femme Fatales getting another airing–and we’re also happy to see Tanit Phoenix showing up on more red carpets. We’re guessing her South African heritage has something to do with how she’s ended up with countryman Sharlto Copley as a boyfriend. That’s why we recently caught her on the carpet for Maleficent.  Tahit deserves some stardom in her own right, too–whether as a smart actress or a hot lingerie model, although these pics will get you leaning to the latter…

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