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Nicole Kidman: Birthday Trip To The Movies For Her Sexiest Shots [PICS]


Nicole Kidman turns 47 years old today, and it looks like she celebrated by getting some new breasts. We have mixed feelings about that. She’s looking good, but we didn’t have any serious complaints about the Nicole Kidman of just a few years ago. We would’ve been perfectly happy with that Nicole Kidman.

We’d like to blame her country-music star husband for this new development, but we could just as easily blame Hollywood. Also, Nicole Kidman probably wanted to shake up her career. She’s had a rough year after her Grace Kelly biopic royally bombed at Cannes. Before that, she watched herself going direct-to-video with Nic Cage in the long-shelved Trespass.

Nicole has still had a stellar run as both a Hollywood actress and sex symbol. In fact, you’re going to find plenty of pics from her recent films as we look back at plenty of her sexiest scenes. We’re thinking that she actually looked too young to play a malicious MILF in last year’s Stoker.

Of course, we also have a lot of her early roles here. And even though Nicole had to put on a fake nose to play dowdy Virginia Woolf in The Hours, she still added a hot lesbian kiss to her Oscar-winning performance.¬†We also have some nice pics of her slutty turn in 2012’s The Paperboy–including that scene where she urinates on Zac Efron.

  • Well, some people thought that was sexy. We included it for a friend. Anyway, go to the races movies with these stunning stills, and see why we think Nicole still has a bright future in this movie biz…
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