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Kino MacGregor Opens Her Hips In Her Latest Yoga Video [PICS + VIDEO]


Kino MacGregor Yoga Video

It’s been nearly a month since Kino MacGregor won plenty of new fans with a video that taught guys (and other people) the benefits of doing phenomenal (and sexy) Frog Splits. Now the blonde beauty is back to introduce her followers to the joys of opening up their hips. We’re going to assume that Kino is talking to some advanced students, because we don’t really think that we could get ourselves into the positions that Kino is managing here. That’s why we prefer to enjoy Kino’s Youtube channel on more of a supervisory basis.

Anyway, it looks like opening your hips is really good for you, and it’s great for us when Kino demonstrates some pretty amazing techniques. Enjoy the video, and then check out pics of Kino in all of her glory…

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