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Danielle Souza Rocks “Jersey Boys” With Her Retro Look [40 PHOTOS]


We’re about as underwhelmed as most people by Clint Eastwood’s stab at directing Jersey Boys–although we like the ’60s and ’70s setting for this musical biopic of pop act The Four Seasons. It still wasn’t difficult for us to get distracted by Danielle Souza on the big screen. Especially since she’s on the big screen without a lot of clothes, and that’s how we remember her as one of the hottest girls on the third season of Californication. [photo via…]

Danielle Souza has stayed plenty hot, too–which made it easier to recognize her in Jersey Boys, even though it’s her first acting turn since those Californication days way back in 2009. We can see why she got the job. Check out the photos below from Danielle’s busy modeling career, and you’ll notice that she has a flair for retro fashions. She’s looking really mod in plenty of these pics–and like a very modern gal in plenty more. Start enjoying her here, and at least have something to look forward to if you’re going to see Jersey Boys this weekend…

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