Undercover Supermodel Veronika Varekova Sneaks In Another Birthday [PICS]

There aren’t many supermodels with a success story like Veronika Varekova–starting with her coming to America from her Czech homeland, where her name is more commonly spelled as Veronika Vařeková. She left the Czech Republic at the age of 19 to come to America, but not as yet another Czech stunner looking to make it in modeling. Veronika was actually attending school at the Parsons School of Design. It didn’t take long for the 5’10” beauty to get noticed in the halls, of course, and Veronika was soon modeling plenty of hot designs herself. [photo via…]
Now she’s turning 37 years old today (that being June 19th, 2014) as one of the most atypical models roaming the catwalks of the world. Veronika has become a favorite of guys who follow models by treating the fashion biz as an afterthought. She’s avoided plenty of bothersome fame by frequently concentrating on pursuits like painting, philanthropy, and mountain climbing.
That hasn’t kept Veronika from attaining the heights of being both a Sports Illustrated model and a Victoria’s Secret beauty. She’s also got enough amazing interests to have kept her busy on the talk-show rounds at a few points in her career. Veronika Varekova still isn’t quite a household name, though–so check out these pics and see why you’d want her around your house…

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