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“True Blood” Season 7: Six New Hot-Blooded Girls [PHOTOS]


The seventh and final season of True Blood begins on Sunday, June 22nd–which’ll help liven up a weekend that’s pretty boring at the movie theaters. We’re looking forward to lots of sex and violence as the HBO series wraps up its run this year. We’re also expecting for creator Alan Ball to lose his mind and cram True Blood full of all kinds of heavy-handed politics, too. The guy’s never been subtle, but things should get hilariously unhinged now.

You can catch up with the past six seasons through this action-packed video–and you might also notice that True Blood is packed full of hot-blooded gals. That’s been a real constant in the show. We’ve gotten our blood pounding over babes like Jessica Clark, Janina Gavankar, Deborah Ann Woll, and Rachel Sterling. There are plenty of vamping ladies in this new season, too. Here are six that we’re looking out for this season.

Don’t get too excited over seeing some of these victims vamps for too long, though. The first lady is the only character that we can be sure will be around for a while–and that ain’t bad….

Gabriella Wright

Melorine Adler

Christian Pitre-Davis

Chelsea Ricketts

Milli Moto

Brittany Slattery

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