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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Thursday, June 19th


It looks like Tatiana Dieteman is having a little more fun than we are on this summer day–but our day is still brightened by the bikini model popping up in our Instagram feed with her big yellow ducky. Tatiana isn’t the only bikini babe sailing along, though. There’s also Valeria Orsini filling out her top, plus Elizabeth Deo, Sam Maddox, and Ana Cheri.

Rachel Faulkner is also flaunting a bikini, but getting a little dirty in the process. Anastasia Krivosheeva is wearing some kind of exciting new swimwear that’s mostly mesh and might count as a one-piece. Meanwhile, lingerie lines get represented by the likes of Kristina Danilina and Jessica Jones. There’s also Brittany Leigh lounging in lingerie and looking at LPs, which just turned us into vinyl obsessives.

And then we have gals like Bryana Holly who are just eager to doff their tops. You’ll want to check them all out, and see why we’re feeling ducky, too…

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