This Hot World Cup Fan Is A Good Reason To Root For Colombia Today [PHOTOS]

Colombia’s got a big game today at 12:00 PM EST (ESPN) against the Cote D’Ivoire. With a win here they automatically advance out of their group, so you can bet that their fans will be out in full force. Now might be a good time to start paying attention to the Colombian side.

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Not only do a few analysts have them going fairly deep into the tournament, it seems like every time we look up some new Colombian citizen grabs our attention. First it was Colombian sideline reporter Alejandra Buitrago, and now it’s this Colombian/American hottie.

There seems to be a nearly endless supply of great looking Colombians at the World Cup.

Roxanne McKee on "Dominion" [SEE HER TONIGHT]
Roxanne McKee on "Dominion" [SEE HER TONIGHT]
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