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Genevieve Morton Makes Waves In Malibu For Nathan Paul [14 PICS]


It seems like just yesterday that Genevieve Morton was waking us up with a sexy Vine video and promises of a “secret project coming soon.” (Hey, it was!) We’re not sure if she was referring to this Nathan Paul swimwear photo shoot as the big upcoming Genevieve Morton project, but it’s sure not a secret. These pics are also a big deal to us, as the curvy blonde stays close to home and proves she can rock Malibu as hard as, say, when she’s shaking up the Bahamas.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Genevieve working for an awesome Aussie brand like Nathan Paul, and we have no doubt that our girlfriends will all look equally as good in their line of beach fashions. We also know that Genevieve Morton will keep looking good on her own sexy Instagram account, and maybe while boating–and let’s not forget Genevieve’s ongoing work with Edge Shave Gel to help you land your own dream job. It’s not too late to enter, folks, but let’s first enter the magical land of Malibu…

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