Andressa Urach: Sexy World Cup Reporter Banned By Portugal [41 PICS]

You might know Brazilian model Andressa Urach as a former Miss Bumbum runner-up, or maybe as the stacked blonde who’s prone to putting on body paint to celebrate her favorite soccer teams. Andress Urach is also a member of the media, though. That still wasn’t enough to get the blonde beauty from being kicked out of Portugal’s soccer practice yesterday, as the team prepared for their World Cup matches.

It seems that the Portugal squad is still kind of miffed at Andressa for making a big deal out of her alleged sexual antics with Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo. Andressa’s certainly been acting a little obsessed over the guy. In fact, she showed up in Brazil last week dolled up in body paint to match Ronaldo’s Portugal jersey. We should also note that we say that Andressa’s bedroom romp is “alleged” because Cristiano Ronaldo denies that anything ever happened between him and the Brazilian bombshell.

And why would a guy deny something like that? Well, the soccer star is actually in a serious relationship with Irina Shayk. Yeah. Check out these pics of the Russian beauty, and see why Ronaldo wouldn’t want to endanger something like that over a batty Brazilian.

Meanwhile, Andressa went to the press–despite being a member of the press, thanks to a Brazilian television station–and asked, “Whatever happened to freedom of expression?” The good news is that Andressa is free to express herself plenty. Just check out these pics, and you can see that Andressa is always undressa-ing in some really fine fits of freedom of expression. This gal is welcome to come check out the COED soccer camp anytime–but we get winded pretty easily, and might need some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…

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