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Six Seasons Of “True Blood” Summed Up In A Sexy Violent Video [VIDEO]



The final season of HBO’s long running vampire drama True Blood is almost upon us and HBO has come up with a way to help you get caught up on six seasons of gratuitous sex scenes and bloody violence.

If you haven’t been watching the show, then you’ve been missing out on some of the greatest horror television of all time. The video serves as a great primer for anyone who hasn’t been watching any of the last six seasons and doesn’t want to stumble into Sunday’s final season premiere and end up lost in a sea of Southern drawls and vampire love triangles. The show may look like pure televised chick lit but it’s actually had its share of hot vampire babes over these last six seasons such as Deborah Ann Woll, Rachel Sterling, Jessica Clark, Jamie Gray Hyder and Camilla Luddington. Plus, think of the time you’ll save by just watching this video instead of trying to condense six years worth of a TV show into one marathon viewing session…

We’ll be kind of sad when this season finally draws to a close. There really isn’t another serial horror show on the air of its kind to take its place. Sure, Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain looks somewhat promising but there’s not even a chance of seeing some sweet naked vampire boobies since it’s not on pay cable. Plus, we’ve just grown accustomed to the characters and the town and it’s always had to say goodbye to a show that’s been such a steady part of our viewing diet for so long.

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