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Oakland A’s Pitcher Drew Pomeranz Breaks Hand Punching Chair


Oakland A's Pitcher Drew Pomeranz

There have always been stupid sports injuries–and Oakland A’s pitcher Drew Pomeranz scored one on Monday night after hurting himself out of anger. Pomeranz punched a chair after Oakland lost 14-8 to the Texas Rangers and broke his right hand. While it’s his non-pitching hand, he still has to go on the disabled list with it.

Pomeranz told reporters, “I just let my emotions take over me and I did something stupid.” That’s as much truth out of a player than people usually get. Pomeranz realized that he did something that he shouldn’t have, and hurt the team in the process. This one ranks with the Detroit Lions’ Nate Burleson breaking his arm in a traffic accident caused by a pizza. Hopefully, Pomeranz has learned a lesson for the next time he has a bad start. A punching bag might help, or even just sitting and taking some deep breathes. Punching a chair isn’t something that works for Pomeranz.

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